Friday, 30 March 2012


The best thing since, well, Bastille Day back in 1789.

Vive la revolution and Vive the band. Get their mixtape here

Switzerland with The Stig

Back in February, my very old school friend and first kiss flew me over to Geneva.
Attention: do NOT spend more than 24 hrs in that Godforsaken town cos a) there's fuck all to do and b) the Swiss are worse Nazis than the Germans.
If there's a rule they will follow it till the bitter end.

 The Stig. Straight from filming Top Gear
 I just couldn't get him to leave me alone
 Trees with snow
 The next three are basically me showing off the amount of snow there was in Courchevel

 I may be smiling but it was -16 degrees and my vag was frozen.

The day I went shark diving

Is also the day my swimsuit changed colour. What the trick would you do if you saw this monster swimming at you.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

More fuck me I'm not famous shots

Some more than others, obvs.

How to spend your pocket Money

If Stereogum's list anything to go by

But man there are some odd picks in there. It's safe to say Yanks have no clue about what quantifies good music :-)

But being a cheeseball myself I can't wait for Timbaland's album to drop!!

Fuck me I'm not famous

A mini story in pictures

This is back way back when I went to Goo on a Yoga retreat. Life got crazy. I drank fruit juices and met a man called Michael Gannon- our yoga teacher. We laughed,we cried, we had something in common: our height. Stature can bond.

Enjoy paradise.

 Day One. Just landed in Paradise and took my white ass to the beach.
 My favourite spot in Aswem, La Plage. 
They served seriously delicious food. European prices but well worth it
 Palm trees make me happy.
 She had mad piercings...and sunglasses. A modern street hawker.
 Dudhsagar Waterfalls. 
It took us forever to get to this spot. Say hot and sweaty in a cab.

 I'm about to get eaten by fish
There's a very faint rainbow in there.
 FVM aka Freaking Vicious Monkey aka hand them that banana if they want it or they will eat your face.

 Frogs legs
 I suck at taking pictures but this is my favourite of the whole holiday. 
Love the perspective, the kid's expression as well as the vendor's.
 Primary Series

Beach meditating
 Mandem I mean Mandrem beach
Some catholic church. Name escapes me, but looks very Mexican. 
If you've been you'll hopefully know what I'm on about. if not, I blame crack.
Freshest, most delicious fruit
Holy Cow
Flowers to give in thanks to Shree Chandranath
School kids

Fruit sellers

 Jesus loves you. Amulet on driver's car dashboard to protect the passengers. 
Usually drivers would have Ganesha, remover of obstacles but because of the Portuguese influence in Goa this guy was Catholic.
 The yoga crew

 Dolphins. Yes, they are. They may seem like smudges but they're not. OK.

View from the delicious Thalassa greek restaurant.

 Last meal with Purple Valley pees