Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Going to the Serpentine on a beautiful Bank Holiday with Jason Statham is the best...

Check out the new layout (well kinda) of the Pavilion by ze Swiss- stroke- Nazi (he said it not me) that iz Peter Zumthor


Coming to The Royal Academy. I'll have a couple of tickets thanks and make them VIP. Oh they're sold out you say. No worries I will take them anyway.

Art. Something which I have always wanted to know about but never got to around to actually getting into it. In conversations, I always feel a loss when surrounded by 'creative types'; I live around fecking East London so that's like, umm nearly always and when said arties start talking about art I do like an Ostrich....

Anyway heading to this on the 17th.
Love his ballerina portrait- so realistic and you almost feel like you're there in the room with them

Dirty Thirty

I have amazing friends....
Celebrate the 3r5d decade of my life at the chilled Narrow Boat Pub. Food, drinks and mates.

What more could you want?
Thank you to everyone.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Masters of Style

The exhibition was on at Somerset House (ended August 14th) so SHAME on you if you missed it.

The exhibition was all about the most powerful Italian fashion houses and their most memorable campaigns.

Here's some pick of the best....though Prada gets it with Amber Valletta's haunting images shot by Glen Luchford.

Norwegian Wedding aka The Fastest Way to Become Bankrupt

A school friend of mine got married at the weekend. 12 bridesmaids, 109 guests, a 4 course meal and plenty of alcohol.

Congratulations to the happy couple.


Get me back to this beach near Porquerolles National Park in Saaaaf of France

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


I'm turning 30 and this is how I feel about it

Let the countdown to NYC begin

When all of this will be mine...and some

Take me here

And feed me till I can't move

Nuno Mendes marry me pls.