Thursday, 27 September 2012

A whole lotta Cuba

Cuban pavement

 Token Cuban car

The Capitolio. Not open to public. Was a government building whereas now you can dissect frogs here.

El Che. Or Jesus. Look, illuminated at night time it did.

 Fit driver. Nice shoulders.

Motion in the ocean aka Thunderstorm

 If it wasn't obvious enough what I was in

Cuban road in Vinales pre horseride

 Another Cuban car

The whole church didn't fit. Arty shot of Cuban church

 Cuban hills and paranoramic view around Vinales.
I was on my 10th ham and cheese sarnie by this point. I'd been there 3 days.
Food pickings were slim and so was I.

 Commissioned by Castro.
Not sure why. 
We can all tell it's not a real Mural de le Preistoria Fidel. Especialy when the guy who's casa I was staying in mentioned that he retouched the pics.

 Cienfuegos. DO NOT go here. 
This was the nicest picture I could take thru my sweat streaked face.

 Trinidad, Cuban church.

On my way to a tan. Trinidad.
I was still relatively bite free at this point.

Cuban rain fast approaching

Taxi Lady?
No, just give me a Canchanchera. Rum, honey and coconut milk. Y
um till you get the worst headache you have ever got.

 The hat was too small for my big head.

 Cuban face. Mine

 Man climbing down a tree after he's climbed up it; and charged me £2 for a coconut he got for free.

Yes you guessed it. It was about the pour it the fuck down.