Friday, 30 September 2011

Riding To Rockaway

Riding to Rockaway is apparently the most NYC thing you can do.

Riding through LES early Sunday morning

Manhattan Bridge

My New York

Kiddie fiddler


The boys- D- Boss and Jay

Irene was here

Roadside cruising

The most freaking steep bridge evs. 
After you've been riding for two hours you don't want a bridge to fuck with you

 Empire State?

Best fish taco in NYC

Coney Island

Mixtapes: the highs and lows and the freebees

In the 90s, hip hop mixtapes were used by artists trying to get a name for themselves on the streets. The aim of the mixtape was to get the attention of the big company execs.

The model has completely changed lately with artists such as Drake, Kanye and Wiz Khalifa, who already have massive following releasing mixtapes between albums. The mixtapes are self released and stick two fingers up at their record labels who sometimes put unreasonable demands on their artists.

The label/ artist relationship keeps changing; artists have more control then ever as to when and where they release their albums. Mixtapes are a way for artists to stay in contact with the fans, give them free music and try out their material before putting their proper album out.

More on this in this article

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


If i were a hacker, developer, general computer geek I so would've wanted to go to this.

I mean it was all to do with facebook and how social is the only way to communicate...duh...but it was a great portal, inspirational conference which allowed those creative heads that walk amongst us to get together in one place and find more ways of creating a social web.

Facebook, if you're listening, I'm down for the next one. I'll take the minutes.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Katie Eary SS12

Congrats to Katie for her awesome show. And good luck on your Paris show.

Katie's also the talk of the town since she got snapped up by Kanye to do his first womenswear collection being showcased next week.

This girl is sure to go far....

Don't hate the player hate game....

Ok ok

I know what you're thinking cos I thought it as soon as I read it BUT you will fall under the spell of Calvin's repetitive tune.